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The foundation of Leviticus11.com is found in the Bible in Chapter 11 of Leviticus (the Dietary Laws of the Mosaic Code) of the Old Testament or the Torah. That chapter tells us which animals are clean and which are unclean and that you should not eat unclean animals. This is a rule given to us to maintain good health, although not an admission ticket to heaven.

Health and strength are important to enjoy life and avoid living with chronic ailments for which most medical doctors will prescribe some form of medication that does not correct the cause of the problem. Leviticus11.com offers products that I have found can help others improve their own health and strength.

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 Alternative Energy for the 21st Century

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The Anti-Fatigue Value of Liver

Dancing and Bodybuilding

Electromagnetic fields and how do they affect you?

How to stay balanced in an unhealthy world

The Nutritional Value of Liver

Proper Training Produces Results

Strength Tips from Mike Brown

The Three-Day Diet

Weekly Health Tips

What if you just don't feel good?

What no one bothers to tell you

Why you're not gaining and what to do about it (Part I)

Why you're not gaining and what to do about it (Part II)

Why you're not gaining: The final piece of the puzzle (Part III)

The Miracle of Argentine Beef Liver Powder

Result of diet experiment on rats

What happened to these rats?

Argentine beef liver powder has done miracles for Lauren Laughlin, a licensed massage therapist and marathon runner. Read her story, Desiccated Liver & Me.

More on Desiccated Argentine Beef Liver

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Alternate Energy Products from Mike Brown

Mike Brown with his trainee, Ted Roach, in August 2003

Mike Brown with his trainee, Ted Roach, at Ozark Fitness

Ted weighed 175 in August 2002 and 215 in August 2003

Mike Brown doing one-arm lift, December 8, 2003

Mike using one arm to lift Dianne Miller

See Mike Brown in his video:  Bodybuilding The Right Way

See:   Mike Brown in the Gym

See:   Mike Brown Dancing on Stage

Read: The Body You Want


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