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Product Description Cost Qty
**Home Scale Steam on DVD * (56 minutes) $30.00
**Building A Prototype Boiler on DVD*
(1 hour 3 minutes)
Save $10.00 - Steam Video Package on DVD
* 2 items above)
**Basics of Steam Engineering  (49 pages) $20.00
**Steam Engine Prints  (18 drawings) $30.00
Save $20.00 - Special Steam Package (** 4 items above) $90.00
How to Build a Remote/Off-Grid
Power Generating System
(12 pages and schematic)
Steam Engineering Seminar Manual (Boiler Basics)
(103 pages)
Pawnee Steam School Textbook  (79 pages) $25.00
Maintenance Manual (for firetube boilers)  (28 pages) $15.00
How to Build A Vertical Firetube Boiler  (19 pages) $45.00
How to Build A Locomotive Traction Boiler   (25 pages) $45.00
Boiler Operators Training Course (174 pages) $100.00
Power Plant Prints  (Instructions: 7 pages/drawings: 8) $20.00
How to Build a Junkyard Still  (45 pages) $15.00
The Fish Carburetor Book  (57 pages) $20.00
Brown's Alcohol Motorfuel Cookbook  (140 pages) $25.00
Alcohol Distiller's Handbook  (195 pages) $25.00
Current shipping status of items in stock:

shipping status

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Alternative Energy Products at a Glance

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Lev. 11:47


The Fish Carburetor
Fish Carburetor Book
Alcohol Distiller's
Alcohol Distillers Handbook
Building a Prototype Boiler

Home Scale Steam

Home Scale Steam
Steam Engineering Seminar
(Boiler Basics)
How to Build A

How to Build a Locomotive/Traction Boiler
Boiler Operators
Training Course
Boiler Operators Training Course
Steam Engine Prints
for 1 and 3 hp

Steam Engine Prints for 1 and 3 hp
Power Plant Prints
Power Plant Prints
1-hp Steam Engine
1 hp Steam Engine
3-hp Steam Engine
3 hp Steam Engine
20-hp Steam Engine 
20 hp Steam Engine

Lev. 11:47

Ethanol Nation

(or how the United States can become independent of petroleum products in three years)

Gasoline v. Alcohol

(or why gasoline in the United States will always be cheap)

The Greatest Conspiracy of the Last Century

The Most Suppressed Invention

Sidebar to the Most Suppressed Invention

The Perpetually Reoccurring Perpetual Motion Machine

Diesel Fuel From Soybeans

Run Your Diesel on Soybean Oil

The 100 MPG Carburetor Myth

The Fish Carburetor

The Fish Carburetor - More Pictures

Getting started with steam

Getting started with steam--It's Not Plug and Play--Part II

Steam Turbines

The Baxter Steam Engine

Mike Brown's introduction to steam in 1959

 Mike Brown's 1- and 3-Horsepower Steam Engines

Mike Brown's 20-Horsepower Steam Engine

20-Horsepower Piston-Valve Steam Engine-Availability

20-Horsepower Piston-Valve Steam Engine-Technical Information

Steam Power

Wisconsin Renewable Energy Fair of 1999



Lev. 11:47

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