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Pilates on the Ball - Book / DVD Set

By Colleen Craig


Pilates on the Ball - Book / DVD Set $17.00

Colleen Craig offers an unique and exciting synthesis of the Pilates Method and the exercise ball in this run-away bestseller. Each chapter is intended to give the reader inspiration and instruction. Step-by-step instructions and more than 300 photographs detail the Pilates principles and challenge all ability levels.

Pilates on the Ball incorporates a holistic approach to fitness addressing spiritual as well as physical health. An early chapter discusses benefits and safeguards for working on the ball but also the emotional obstacles that stop non-exercisers from beginning and well-meaners from committing to an exercise program. Inspirational case histories, personal anecdotes, 'anatomy-on-the-ball' lessons, and step-by-step instructions weave through this comprehensive book.

Pilates on the Ball inspires the reader to take responsibility for his or her own health. The reader will learn how to use the ball to enhance relaxation, center the body with specific breathing exercises, strengthen the abdominals, heal and prevent lower back pain, and retrain postural muscles. The exercise ball is fantastic for stretching and for cardiovascular fitness. There is also a chapter on rehabilitation and rebuilding after an injury.

About the DVD: Colleen Craig, certified Pilates instructor, shows you how to use the exercise ball to enhance Joseph Pilates' original work by adding resistance, challenge and variety to your workout. Some of the exercises in this innovative, forty-five minute video have been adapted from equipment found in exclusive Pilates studios around the world. Adapting Pilates' work to the ball creates wonderful and safe results. There is no jarring of the limbs, no wear or tear on the joints. This is a carefully developed mind/body program designed to realign the body, maintain good posture, build long, lean muscles and establish abdominal and core strength from within. Modifications, as well as more challenging variations, make Colleen Craig's On The Ball video accessible to all ages, all levels of fitness.

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Pilates on the Ball - Book / DVD Set    $17.00


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