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The Bill of Rights Handbook

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Dianne Miller

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Mike Brown, Personal Trainer

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Prison Mistreatment Issues

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Self Defense

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Mike Brown, Personal Trainer

Mike Brown's 40 Years of Experience in Strength Training

Proper Training Produces Results

The Low-Down on Lifting with Mike

Mike Brown in the Gym

More Pictures of Mike Brown in the Gym

More Pictures of Mike Brown on the Dance Floor

Mike Brown Dancing on Stage

Strength Tips from Mike Brown

Who is Mike Brown?

Listen to Mike Brown Audio Interviews on:
Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies

Mike Brown's new book:  Diagnostic Bodybuilding

Dianne Miller

Who is Dianne Miller?

Background of Leviticus11.com

Dianne Miller in the Gym

Articles on Health and Strength

The Anti-fatigue Value of Liver

The Body You Want

A Comment on Desiccated Liver

Dancing and Bodybuilding

Desiccated Liver & Me

Desiccated Argentine Beef Thymus and Cerasse Tea

Did Nikola Tesla Invent the Multiple Wave Oscillator?

Paths to Healing

Health Tips

Health Tips from 2008

Health Tips from 2007

Health Tips from 2006

Health Tips from 2005

Help for Headaches

How Walking 10,000 Steps Every Day Considerably Improved my Insulin Sensitivity in a Couple of Months

Instructions for Mits' Protein and Training Hints

Links to Books, Dance, Health and More

More on Desiccated Argentine Beef Liver

The Nutritional Value of Liver

Scientific Research and Theory on the QLink Pendant

The Three Day Diet

What are Electromagnetic Fields?

What are Essential Oils?

What If You Just Don't Feel Good?

What No One Bothers to Tell You

Why You're Not Gaining and What to Do About It (Part I)

Why You're Not Gaining and What to Do About It (Part II)

Why You're Not Gaining: The Final Piece of the Puzzle (Part III)

Books Available

List of Books

Books At a Glance

Mike Brown's new book,  Diagnostic Bodybuilding

The 1599 Geneva Bible

The Acid-Alkaline Diet

American Women Are Crazy

Rich Tucker's Biblical Nutrition

The Bill of Rights Handbook

Bloody Iron: Practical Knife Fighting

The Book of Enoch

The Book of Jasher

The Celtic Church in Britain

Coconut Cures

The Coconut Oil Miracle

Virgin Coconut Oil

Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Apocrypha

The Cure is in The Cupboard

The Detox Book

Eat Fat Look Thin

Escape from Outer Alcatraz

The Five Tibetans

The Glory of the Stars

The Great Pyramid Decoded

Good Teeth: Birth to Death

Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation

The Miracle of Wild Oregano

The New Arthritis Cure

Oil Pulling Therapy

The Palm Oil Miracle

Pilates on the Ball - Book/DVD Set

Prehistoric London, Its Mounds and Circles

Professional Cable Course

Self-Awakening Yoga

The Secret of Life: Electricity, Radiation and Your Body

Sex, Money and Power: The Bible Shows You How

The Slow Down Diet

Strength Training on the Ball

The Strength of Samson: How to Attain It

The Traditions of Glastonbury

You Are All Sanpaku

Unhealthy Food=Unhealthy People

Welcome to the Dance...Caffeine Allergy

Books Available at Amazon.com

Videos Available

Bodybuilding The Right Way Video (VHS or DVD)

Self Defense with Norman Cantwell on DVD

Exercise Equipment

List of Exercise Equipment

Samson Cable Set

Barrel Gripper

Sticking Point Smashers

Tapered Wrist Roller

Self Defense

Bloody Iron: Practical Knife Fighting

Self Defense with Norman Cantwell on DVD

Nutritional Supplements

and Other Items Available

List of Nutritional Supplements

List of Other Items

Argentine Beef Adrenal Powder

Argentine Beef Liver Powder

Argentine Beef Liver Powder Magnified

Argentine Beef Thymus Powder

Asparagus Extract Tea

Cerasse Tea

Chaga Mushroom Emulsion - Chag-o-Power

Chaga Mushroom Tea - Chag-o-Charge

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Powder

Harmony Holistic Candles

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Liver Chi Tea

Mits' Protein        (Read   Instructions for Mits' Protein )

Mullein Flower Ear Oil

Natural Soothers Hot/Cold Packs

Natural Patches of Vermont  

Oreganol - Oil of Oregano

Oreganol - Juice of Wild Oregano

QLink Pendant

Organic Turkey Tail (Coriolus) Mushroom Powder

Vein Lite Tea

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Alternative Energy Products at a Glance

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God Bless America - Remember 9-11 (September 11, 2001)

Links Page

The Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization

Prison Mistreatment Issues

Blood on the Prison Walls

Naming the Nameless

One of the Lost Nameless:  Crystal Smith

One of the Lost Nameless:  Lavenia Populus

One of the Nameless:  Bridgette Johnson

One of the Nameless:  Michelle "Mickie" Perry

One of the Nameless:  Sandra K. Sedano

One of the Nameless:  Vicki McElroy

The Bill of Rights Handbook

Visiting an Inmate in Missouri

Interoffice Memorandum from the State of Missouri Department of Corrections

Crooked Courts and Cruel Incarceration

Questions and Feedback

Comments and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

More Comments and Frequently Asked Questions

Letter from Daniel

Letter from J.

A Comment and Question on the Cable Strands from K

A Couple Notes from Karen

Letter from Sam--I've Been Using Your Cable Set for Over 20 Years

Email from William--Cables from 1975!

Comments on Seaweed


Leviticus 11:  The Geneva Bible  (1599)

Leviticus 11: King James Bible  (1611)

Leviticus 11: The Holy Bible in Modern English by Ferrar Fenton  (1910)

Leviticus 11: New Jerusalem Bible: Reader's Edition  (1985)

Levitico 11: Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI)

Leviticus 11: The Tanakh  (1985)

The 1599 Geneva Bible

Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Apocrypha

The 1599 Geneva Bible - A Sample Page
(Psalms 1 and 2)

The 1599 Geneva Bible - A Sample Page of the Sheet Music
(The Lord's Prayer and The Ten Commandments)

The 1599 Geneva Bible - Front Woodcut

The Geneva and the King James

England Under James the First
(from Charles Dickens' A Child's History of England)


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