Allergies and Eczema

An email from Renae tells how adding Argentine beef liver powder helped her daughter overcome severe allergies and eczema.

July 22, 2008


Thanks for getting the liver to us so quickly. To tell you about Anna, could be a long story. I will make it short. Anna is 5 yrs old. She has been sick since 1 years old, but was born healthy and strong, with a happy disposition. Among her illnesses she has many allergies, which include: dairy products, cane sugar, eggs, soy, chocolate and honey, plus many chemicals. Her reactions are severe eczema, that results in huge welts on sensitive parts of her body as well as her neck and back. There are also behavior problems.

I have faithfully been giving her enzymes that include a proteases, peptidase, amylase, glucoamylase, lactase, lipase, and so forth, from Houston Pharmaceuticals. I have been doing this for almost two years now. These have somewhat helped her thinking and managed her eczema. But they are tiresome, and there’s still reactions if she gets into her “unhelpful” foods.

I also give her probiotics, cod liver, and coconut oil.

When I started the liver a couple months ago on myself. I noticed that I just felt better, not so drained. I put it in capsules. Later I tried different juices for Anna. What worked best was Doles: Pineapple-Orange-Banana. It disguised the taste well. I could even dilute the juice and she would still drink it. She loved it and asked if it was chocolate. I told her it was liver. Her response was, “Liver is good”. I knew that she recognized that she was feeling better.

She happily takes 1/4 tsp. of her desiccated liver daily. Her skin quickly became soft and smooth. I also realized that she was eating some of the party food at a family get together, and had no reaction. I am gradually seeing a big difference. I am hoping to have her soon weaned off the enzymes.

Thanks so much,