Thymus and Cerasse Tea

More from Lauren and the results she got by adding thymus and cerasse tea to her diet.

Are you interested in …?

  • Feeling better
  • Having more energy
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Thicker and fuller hair
  • Charging up your workouts
  • Speeding your recovery

I have recently been using two additional supplements (Argentine beef liver powder my staple supplement), which has absolutely transformed my health and physique. I am thrilled with my results and anxious to see how the benefits will accumulate!

I’m adding Argentine beef thymus powder to my beef liver powder shakes (3-4 times per week) and weekly making myself a cup of cerasse tea. When you taste these—you will ask me—WHY????? Here is what I’m thinking…..

 Argentine Beef Thymus Powder

The thymus is a bit of an unknown part of the body. What we do know is that it shrivels with ageSome have ventured to call the thymus a regulator [within the endocrine system]. Where does your curiosity go with that information? I’ll tell you where mine goes—I wonder if doing everything possible to keep my thymus health might slow my aging and support my system in staying balanced and efficient.   I’ve taken my wondering one more step and I’m taking Argentine beef thymus powder. What better food for the thymus than thymus itself? AND—my hair is thicker, my energy is UP, my recover is faster (this was the biggest change I noticed), and my hormonal swings (pre-menopausal that I am) are significantly reduced. But my favorite experience so far is a comment from a client who sees me regularly and who is very concerned with youthfulness, “Rosie, what are you doing to look so much younger? I know you wouldn’t do that botox, would you? …. You’ve got to be doing something!”

Cerasse Tea

No matter how incredible your supplements, vitamins, or food choices are the only way I know to get these awesome nutrients to our muscles and organs is our blood stream. The healthier your circulatory system = the healthier your body. If I am going to spend the money on supplements and if I’m going to drink this “powdered” stuff, then I absolutely want every bit of benefit I can get! Is there a way that I can occasionally eat fatty foods and reduce the risk to my vascular system? YEP—THERE IS! I have been told that Cerasse Tea is a blood stream cleaner—careful—your body might detox a little with this one. I added this tea to my program the same time as the thymus, so I cannot speculate which has done more to increase my energy and vitality. I believe they both have. By bettering my nutrition and bettering my circulatory system—I am fully convinced that I am better in the quality and quantity of my life.

All of this is speculation, but these are not drugs or chemicals—these are REAL FOODS. Do you want to discover what benefits your body might receive? When I think of how much I spend on a night out—Argentine beef liver powder, Argentine beef thymus powder, cerasse tea, and Mits protein—don’t cost much, and my body deserves to live as healthy and disease-free as possible!


A Note on Argentine Beef Liver Powder

The Argentine beef liver powder comes from fresh, hormone-free Argentine beef liver carefully processed to preserve all the fragile nutritional elements. It contains all the factors occurring in low-heat non-defatted Argentine beef liver. It is pure liver and has nothing added.

Argentine cattle live in a state of nirvana. First, their home is the Pampas. A region of Argentina that is fertile in alfalfa, wheat and oat grasses. All of which affects the taste of the beef. The cattle roam free on the vast, humid grasslands of these lands. Cattle in the Pampas are “stress free.” They are not given any hormones to speed up their growth. The animals live outside and not enclosed in yards. There is one cattle per every acre. This minimizes adrenaline to create sugar and the effect of tougher, red meat muscles.

Argentine beef liver powder has done miracles for Lauren, a body worker in Missouri. Read her other experiences: Argentine Beef Liver and Me and More on Argentine Beef Liver Powder

A mother found her own miracle with Argentine beef liver:  Email from Renae about her daughter’s allergies and eczema (7/22/08)