Nutritional Content of Argentine Beef Liver Powder

The following is based on a typical analysis:

The nutritional value of beef liver powder is based on a typical analysis.  It is more than 74% protein and almost 9% fat (undefatted Argentine beef liver).

Nutritional Value of Liver

A Note on Argentine Beef Liver Powder

The Argentine beef liver powder comes from fresh, hormone-free Argentine beef liver carefully processed to preserve all the fragile nutritional elements. It contains all the factors occurring in low-heat non-defatted Argentine beef liver. It is pure liver and has nothing added.

Argentine cattle live in a state of nirvana. First, their home is the Pampas. A region of Argentina that is fertile in alfalfa, wheat and oat grasses. All of which affects the taste of the beef. The cattle roam free on the vast, humid grasslands of these lands. Cattle in the Pampas are “stress free.” They are not given any hormones to speed up their growth. The animals live outside and not enclosed in yards. There is one cattle per every acre. This minimizes adrenaline to create sugar and the effect of tougher, red meat muscles.

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