Good Teeth Birth to Death

Good Teeth Birth to Death
by Dr. Gerard F. Judd
How to End Tooth Cavities and Gum Infection for Life
117 page book with full index

All acids destroy teeth (lemons-vitamin C-soda pop, etc.)
Rinse acids off teeth with water during eating
Take extra calcium and phosphate¹ to re-enamelize
Brush with bar soap. Soap removes oils and disinfects gums
All toothpastes (approx. 60% glycerine) block re-enamelization. Discard all toothpastes
Take vitamin C for receding gums
Put 1 tsp. (4 g) C, 1/2 tsp. baking soda in 1″ of water. Let fizz, dilute, drink
Shun fluoride which destroys teeth and more than 83 enzymes

Good Teeth – Birth to Death shows how to care for your teeth to last a lifetime.

Table of Contents:
1. Why was this book written?
2. What are some of the experiences up until 5 years ago which turned me onto the tooth problem?
3. How did 3 bad Mayors and Councils of Phoenix (in my opinion) intensify my interest and accelerate my desire to solve the tooth erosion and decay problem and finally lead me to a viable solution?
4. Has any evidence ever been given by dentists or others as how teeth could be kept up without decay?
5. What proof do we have of the ruination of American teeth by fluoridation since 1944?
6. What propels the false dentistry of fluoridation?
7. How did false science get into the tooth care picture?
8. What is the criminal nature of our government in this picture?
9. What great positive discovery have I made after 5 years of laboring against fluoridation?
10. What is the composition of teeth and how does this affect what happens to them on a daily basis?
11. What can we learn about teeth from bones, which have essentially the same structure?
12. How does the flexible structure of teeth become brittle?
13. How does tooth erosion, the harbinger of decay, occur?
14. What enzyme is needed for re-enamelization of the tooth?
15. Do young people and adults have the same re-enamelization rate?
16. What is necessary to re-enamelize the teeth?
17. What is the cause of fluorosed and mottled teeth?
18. How can we avoid fluorosis and mottling?
19. How do we know that phosphate migration into the teeth is important?
20. By what process do fructose, glucose, and sucrose sugars dissolve the teeth?
21. How can acids dissolve phosphate out of the tooth?
22. What are some of the acids to watch out for when it comes to dissolving phosphate out of the teeth?
23. How can one avoid the severe erosion of tooth enamel by acids?
24. Why does fluoride sever the gums from the teeth, causing gum pockets and gingivitis?
25. How can vitamin C restore gum tissue destroyed by fluoride?
26. What do we know about risk factors of government and the chemical industry?
27. How can we prevent the practice of government and chemical industries from feeding us toxic chemicals, especially for the false cause of dentistry?
28. Why should we take the RDA of all 20 vitamins and all 26 minerals daily?
29. Why do I use bar soap for brushing teeth and find it superior to toothpaste?
30. What 110 word prescription can I follow to facilitate acquiring perfect teeth?
31. Prologue: Are there any things we have overlooked?
32. If I have simple answers to obtaining perfect teeth, why do I need to think about it?
33. Does strontium, cousin to calcium, lower decay?
34. Is there a list of chemicals and their relative toxicities so that I can tell what the relative poisoning ability of fluoride and other chemicals is to enamel, gum tissue, nerve tissue, muscle tissue, blood-vessel and immune cell forming enzymes?
35. What brain diseases are dental toxins causing?