Professional Cable Course

Professional Cable Course

Professional Cable Course

The Pro Cable Course has very useful information. It will show you how to develop a strong and solid build. If you are serious about getting the full benefits from your expander, read and apply the information in the Pro Cable Course. What you put into your workouts is what you will get out of them.

Expanders (cables, strands, chest expanders, springs) have been around at least since the 1850s. Individuals have used them to obtain excellent results in achieving strong and muscular builds. In our modern times with so many high priced machines and expensive equipment, an expander set is a great buy!

Usually, when you buy an expander you are lucky to get 4 to 6 exercises on a piece of paper. These exercises mostly are for your shoulders, back and biceps. This course will show you how to develop your whole body.

The author, Fred Crivello got results with his expander by applying the information in this manual. In fact, he just used a piece of rubber tubing. A piece of rubber tubing (as described in a section of this course) is the perfect pocket gym! Expanders are perhaps the most underestimated type of exercise equipment in the world.

If you will just read this manual and be consistent in your applying the information, you should get some well-earned results. If you happen to be flabby or just skinny, be proud of yourself that you are doing something about it. Your efforts will be rewarded in time.

The author had his own doubts when, years ago, he started. He was curious if he really could get and then maintain a muscular and strong build by just using an expander. He read how some old time muscle men successfully used expanders. After much research and experimenting he came up with the Pro Cable Course.

Table of Contents:
Brief Introduction
Things to Know About Exercising
Diet Information
Exercise Styles
Exercises – 9 Basic Exercises
Some Extra Exercises
A Workout I Have Used
Helpful Hints
Perfect Pocket Gym Is A Piece Of Rubber Tubing
Examples With Tubing Used As An Expander
Read What Others Have To Offer About Expander Training