The Secret of Life

The Secret of Life
The Secret of Life:
Electricity, Radiation and Your Body

The Secret of Life: Electricity, Radiation and Your Body by Georges Lakhovsky was translated from the French by Mark Clement. The 2000 edition has all new typeface and some footnotes were added. The English spelling, as opposed to American English spelling, has not been altered. Figures and plates have been reproduced as closely to the original as possible. The epilogue was added with comments by Mike Brown and Dianne Miller.

Table of Contents:




Chapter I – The Problem of Instinct or Special Sense in Animals

General Considerations
The Instinct of Orientation
Carrier Pigeons
Nocturnal Birds
The Bat
Rôle of Semi-circular Canals in Birds and of Antennæ in Insects
Nocturnal Experiments with the Great Peacock-butterfly
Diurnal Experiments with the Oak-bombyx
New Experiments with the Oak-bombyx
Burying-beetles (Necrophorus)

Chapter II – Auto-Electrification in Living Beings

Electrification by Friction of Wings in the Atmosphere
Influence of Electrical Capacity in Birds
The Rôle of Orientation in the Flight of Birds
Explanation of Migration
Extension of the Principle to Wingless Animals

Chapter III – Universal Nature of Radiation in Living Beings

Fundamental Principles
Nature of Radiation in Living Beings
The Glow-worm

Chapter IV – On Radiations in General and on Electro-Magnetic Waves in Particular

Nature and Characteristics of Known Radiations
Electromagnetic Waves
The Oscillating Circuit
Rôle of Self Induction and Capacity
Table of Electromagnetic Waves
Explanatory Analogies concerning Electrical Oscillations

Chapter V – Oscillation and Radiation of Cells

Comparison of Living Cell to an Oscillating Circuit
Constitution of Cellular Oscillating Circuit
Characteristics and Wavelengths of Cellular Radiation
Nature of Cellular Radiation

Chapter VI – Modifications in Cells and Oscillatory Disequilibrium

Oscillatory Action of Microbes
Experiments Demonstrating Electrical Properties of Microbes
Effects of Radiations
The Radio-cellulo-oscillator
Therapeutic Tests on “Experimental Cancer in Plants”
My Theory in Relation to the Pathology of Cancer
Significance of Temperature of Human Body
Fever and its Function
Further Proof of Cellular Oscillation
Sterilisation of Water by Direct Contact of Microbes with Metals
Microbiology. Sterilisation of Water and other Liquids by means of Metallic Circuits in Direct Contact therewith

Chapter VII – Nature of Radiant Energy

Ionisation and Conductivity
Penetrating Radiation
Solar Radiation and Photolysis
Penetrating Radiation (Cosmic Rays) in Relation to Life
Cosmic Rays and Universion

Chapter VIII – Sunspots and Cosmic Radiation in Relation to Health and Life

Influence of Astral waves on Oscillation of Living Cells

Chapter IX – Influence of Nature of Soil on Field of Cosmic Waves–Contribution to the Causation of Cancer–Geological and Geographical Distribution of Cancer–The Rôle of Water in Relation to Cancer

Nature of the Problem
Geographical and Geographical Distribution of Cancer
Nature of Soil in Relation to Cosmic Radiation and Causation of Cancer
The Rôle of Water in Relation to Cancer

Chapter X – Therapeutics of Cellular Oscillation

Chapter XI – Origin of Life

Condensation of Water Vapour and Mineral Elements
Influence of Cosmic Radiations on Orientation of Cellular Elements
Constitution of Electric Oscillating Circuit of the Cell
Characteristic of Elements of Living Species
Cell Differentiation and Heredity
Infinitesimal Value of Oscillating Cellular Energy
Induction in Fixed Oscillating Fields
Induction of Electromagnetic Fields within the Cell

Translator’s Appendix

I. The Multiple Wave Oscillator
II. Medical Reports

Selection of Cases treated with Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator
Exophthalmic Goitre
Enlarged Prostate
Gastro-duodenal ulcer and other affections

III. Report on Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator By Dr. Nicholas Gentile

1. Effects on the Sympathetic Nervous System
2. Effects on the Central Nervous System
3. Effects on Chronic Inflammations
4. Effects on Metabolism
5. Effects on Disorders of the Cardio–vascular System
6. Miscellaneous Cases
7. Technique of the Multiple Wave Oscillator Treatment

IV. Dr. Boris H. Vassileff’s Report

V. Dr. Alexander Francis’s Report

Deafness and Nerve Cases

VI. American Reports

1. Reports of Cases treated with the Multiple Wave Oscillator in a large New York City hospital
2. Report of Cases treated with the Multiple Wave Oscillator by a prominent Brooklyn urologist

VII. Remarkable Effects of Oscillating Circuits on Animals

Pedigree Horses
Form of Racing Filly restored by Oscillating Circuit
Old Stallion rejuvenated with Oscillating Circuit
Pedigree Dog cured with Oscillating Circuit

VIII. Future Developments of Lakhovsky’s Theories

Index of Names

Subject Index

Epilogue, 2000

The Multiple Wave Oscillator
How to Re-Grow Amputated Human Arms and Legs