Unhealthy Food equals Unhealthy People

Unhealthy Food = Unhealthy People

Unhealthy Food = Unhealthy People
Ancient Rules For Modern Food
The Basic Rules of Eating for Health
by Harold N. Simpson

Mr. Simpson, a Notre Dame University graduate, trained as a biochemist and had over 60 years of experience in his field. He was successful in livestock nutrition, which led him into research and work in human nutrition.

In Unhealthy Food = Unhealthy People Mr. Simpson teaches the what, where, when and how of modern food and its affect upon people. He explains the why with clarity and unassailable logic.

Mr. Simpson traveled internationally several times a year when he was in his eighties. His favorite port-of-call was Hong Kong, where the meat is delivered daily to restaurants fresh and fish swim alive in a tank until selected from the menu. Mr. Simpson was living proof of his personal spin on an old saying, “You are what you ate.”

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – A Noble Idea–Really?
Chapter 2 – It Is Sickness Care
Chapter 3 – Unhealthy Food–Unhealthy People [You Are What You Eat]
Chapter 4 – What Do Americans Really Eat? [The Staple American Diet]
Chapter 5 – The Children
Chapter 6 – The U.S. Food System
Chapter 7 – Let Your Food Be Your Medicine
Chapter 8 – The Dead Philosophers
Miscellaneous Essays: What About Refrigeration?, etc.