Samson Cable Set

Mike Brown using the Samson Cable Set:

Samson Cable Set-Pull Down

Samson Cable Set

with choice of 5 cables

If you need extra cable strands, they are available: regular ($10.00), intermediate ($10.00), and baby ($8.00).

Extra Cable sizes

handles of Samson Cable Set
Close up view of the handles of Samson Cable Set

The Samson Cable Set (also known as chest expanders) will work muscles from angles that weights can’t. The same muscles will be called into play, but different fibers will be used.

Using the Samson Cable Set helps to shape the muscles to improve your appearance while increasing your strength. Almost any one-arm dumbbell movement will have a cable substitute.

Taking the Samson Cable Set with you as you travel is an excellent way to keep in shape on the road.

The Samson Cable Set is made with stainless steel, quick change handles, and rubber strands. A human muscle has more potential power the further it contracts. Rubber cables provide more resistance the further they are extended. If you want more natural-looking muscular shape, a different type of strength from that developed with weights (we trained a world arm-wrestling champion in the 200-lb. class with one of these sets), and the ability to “pump” your arm over an inch in less than 20 minutes, try the Samson Cable Set.

The Samson Cable Set loads by unscrewing the handles at the top. Changing cables is instantaneous. Other sets take way too long to change. Our set will hold over two dozen cables.

In addition to the regular strands, we have an intermediate strength strand. This strand has approximately 60% of the resistance of the regular strands. If adding a regular strand is too hard for you to do, you can add the intermediate strand and work up to adding the regular strand in place of the intermediate strand. A Cable Resistance Chart comes with the Samson Cable Set to see how the combinations can be used.

We also have a “Baby Cable Strand” which is half the resistance of an intermediate strand and can be used to push past a sticking point in your cable use.

The Samson Cable Set comes with 5 cable strands (regular or intermediate or mixed).

Please note that some women and some older people are unable to use the regular cable strand even when they think they are strong. This is posted because of customers who had problems when we only had the regular cable strands available.

Also, those who are recovering from injuries or surgery may want to use the baby cable strand as they heal until full strength has returned.


When using a cable set, maintain a neutral spine at all times. To find your neutral spine lie on the floor facing the ceiling. Neutral is right in the middle of an arched position (spine off the floor with chest and hips remaining on the floor) and a flattened position (spine touching the floor at all points from chest to hips.)

Warm up before doing cable exercises. The easiest way to warm up is to do some walking.

Stretch after your cable workout while your muscles are still warmed up.

Do 8-15 reps of each exercise for 1-3 sets. The last set should feel “somewhat hard” to “very hard.

“Maintain a regular breathing pattern with each rep. Exhale during exertion, inhale on the release.

Do your cable exercises a minimum of twice a week, maximum three times a week. Don’t do two days in a row.
Use common sense. If you are in pain when doing a certain movement, don’t do that movement. Learn to tell the difference between pain, muscle exhaustion, and muscle soreness. If you are on any type of medication, consult your physician before attempting any exercise regimen.

Feedback from our Customers

Letter from Sam, a U.S. Marine: I’ve been using your cable set for over 20 years
I bought the Samson Cable Set and the books over 20 years ago when I was a Marine. I’m now 43 years old, 230 lbs., quite muscular with approximately 19 – 19 1/2 inch arms. I’ve been using this cable set for this amount of time.
What I found interesting was that whereas the gigantic steroid monsters, 275 lbs. on up, 23 inch arms, could move heavy weight in the powerlifts; they were woefully week on the cable set. I was challenged by a young giant who ridiculed my way of training which included keeping the physical fitness standards I maintained while I was in the Marine Corp. I readily acknowledged that I was unable to perform a 700 lbs. bench press. However, I challenged him to a 3 mile run for time. He declined because his cardio-fitness was poor. I challenged him to a contest of pullup/chinups with weight resistance and parallel bar dips with weight resistance. he was unable to perform a pullup or dip with just his own bodyweight.
I’d also pulled out my Samson Cable set to challenge him to a contest in Front chest pulls. I had him now! This fellow was unable to make a front pull with just 4 cables on the handles. Even I was shocked at his weakness. He even had a hard time stretching out 2 cables on the front chest pull. I warmed up with four cables and then performed the same exercise with 7 cables. I made my point. I told him that to his credit he had more courage than his fellow hecklers for backing up his challenge by offering to participate in mine. From that moment I had gained the respect of the younger gym crowd.
Three years ago I was challenged by a 350 lbs. football player who didn’t respect my use of the cable set. I defeated him in the same manner using various cable exercises. I was able to perform the front chest pull with 9 of the cables but I became ill. I’m rehabbing my fitness using the Samson Cable Set and I’ve worked my way back to 7 cables; 9 won’t be far behind.The cable set has helped me to increase my strength over the level I had when I was in the service.

Read how long a freshman in high school in 1975 kept his Samson Cable Set
Hey Dianne,
Thought you and Mike would get a smile from this. I still have my original cable set from 1975 that I bought out of Iron Man Magazine. Guess that’s good quality work. As I’ve used them hard. I was a freshman in high school when I got them. Now I’m 52. I’m an actor now up in New England. Take care and have a great holiday season!
A satisfied customer ordered his second Samson Cable Set
(Order from Randy–Postmarked June 2013)
Dear Dianne, The Samson Cable Set is the best on the market. Please send me another Samson Cable Set with 5 black regular cable strands.Enclosed is a money order. Thanx!

Bob in his 60s on his Samson Cable Set
Subject: The Samson Cable Set Is Excellent
Date: 08/01/2013
Hi Dianne,
Thanks for shipping the Samson Cable Set to me. There’s nothing as durable as it on the market. I use it exclusively now and enjoy how sturdy it is. The expander I was using had rubber around the handles that always slipped down a bit in some of the exercises, which is partly why I was looking for another chest expander. The Samson Set works perfectly. Thanks for shipping it to me here in the Philippines.
By the way, before I began using a chest expander, after age 60 I had numerous age-related shoulder strains and even an injury (and I’ve read after age 40 the rotator cuffs become more vulnerable to strains and injuries).
Bench and Military Presses and dips aggravated my shoulders and caused me a lot of downtime and losses in my gains.
Using a chest expander, I am making gains in my shoulder work with no downtime. Because I read of many men over 60 who get these shoulder problems, I think chest expanders are an ideal option for shoulder work for elderly men. And I’m getting better results than when I was using dumbbells for laterals. So, the Samson Set is like a godsend to me and my shoulders.Thanks again and take care.

A customer from over 25 years ago restocks his cable strands
Hi Dianne:
Just wanted to thank you for the fast service in sending my Samson cables. Ordered a set years ago (when Mike had the Madison Company) but the cables dried up and it wasn’t nice when they snapped and broke in my face. LOL Still had my original handles and was glad that they work with the new cables. Time to develop my strength again! Thanks again. Take care.