Tapered Wrist Roller

Tapered Wrist Roller
Available in two sizes – 2.5″ or 3″ sizes

Small $36.00  /  Large $48.00
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The tapered wrist roller is superior to the conventional wrist roller. A conventional wrist roller is a straight piece of wooden dowel or iron and has been touted as one of “the” grip developers of all time. Simply tie the rope to a weight, hold the wrist roller out in front of you at arms’ length, and “roll up” the rope and weight by alternate movements of each hand.

In order to achieve maximum leverage (and develop maximum strength in the forearms, wrists, and hands) the hands should project out straight from the wrists. The only way this is going to happen is if you put your arms straight out from the shoulders and grasp the wrist roller at shoulder width. You could do this with a straight wrist roller if it were an extremely long wrist roller. I.e., somewhere in the neighborhood of two and a half feet. No one makes one that long and the use of such a device would be extremely awkward.

Conventional wrist rollers are much shorter and easier to handle. The problem is that these shorter wrist rollers are all straight. There is no taper to any of them. The problem this creates is that, while your arms have to be positioned closer together to hold a straight wrist roller, your arms are in towards each other, the wrists have to bend so that your hands are turned out.

This isn’t the way the wrists and hands were designed to operate.

The tapered wrist roller eliminates this problem. For the top of the forearm, roll the wrist roller toward you (at the top) as you pull the weight up. For the bottom of the forearm, roll the wrist roller away from you as you pull the weight up.

Try each type of wrist roller and you will immediately experience the difference. Train on a tapered wrist roller for several weeks or months and people you know will see your forearm size increase and your forearms will feel the difference in your grip.

Barbell plates are the easiest weight to attach to the tapered wrist roller but dumbbells, books, rocks, and other small heavy objects can be held by the rope.

The tapered wrist roller is made out of cedar wood.

NOTE: A rope is supplied with the tapered wrist roller but plates are not included.