Argentine Beef Adrenal

Argentine beef adrenal powder can be used to supplement the diet. Read the article by Mike Brown, What If You Just Don’t Feel Good? to see if this is something that may enhance your health.

CAUTION: This product is to supplement your regular diet. Our recommendation is that you take one teaspoon a week. After a week if you feel no effect whatsoever, try two teaspoons for that week.

DO NOT take the adrenal powder if you are using Wilson’s Syndrome medication or, for that matter, if you are on ANY type of medication unless you consult your doctor FIRST.

Unlike the Argentine beef liver or Mits’ Protein, adrenal powder may not do you much good by itself.

If you’re going to “rev up” your body’s engine, you are going to need high-octane fuel (good nutrition, such as the Argentine beef liver powder and wholesome foods). Argentine Beef Adrenal Powder is available in 3 quantities:

4 oz. $19.00
8 oz. $28.00
1 lb. $46.00

Quantities Available