Jamaican Cerasse Tea

Jamaican Cerasse tea (momordica charantia), the Jamaican tea feared by everyone because of its bitterness, is believed to be a blood cleanser and sugar control agent for diabetes. It is widely accepted that a fair consumption of this tea on a weekly basis will prevent colds, flu, headaches, jaundice, and stomach ache. Cerasse is the most ghastly tasting beneficial Jamaican herb.

Jamaican Cerasse tea may be sweetened with honey or maple syrup (like a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down). This medicinal herb which is used in Jamaica and many other tropical and sub-tropical countries around the world is still revered by many.

Jamaican Cerasse Tea, organically grown on the lush mountain slopes of Jamaica, has earned the reputation as the best tasting cerasse tea anywhere. Its crisp, soothing taste and exhilarating aroma combines to produce the finest blend available. Serve Jamaican Cerasse piping hot or pour over ice for a refreshing cool drink. Add lemon or honey.

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Jamaican Cerasse Tea