Mauby Tea

Mauby tea (made from Colubrina elliptica) is a tea made on many Caribbean islands, which has a distinct flavor that some say resembles root beer (or licorice). Mauby, which can also be spelled mabi, maby, and mavi, tends to have a fairly bitter aftertaste. People who love the drink say the taste is an acquired one. It is by far one of the most popular beverages in the Caribbean, among both natives and visitors to the region.

Mauby tea is made from a specific buckthorn bark, Colubrina elliptica. A sweetener and a variety of spices may be added to improve the taste. There are several recipes for Mauby tea drinks that include various spices and flavorings. Cinnamon is usually included. Some people add cloves, anise, and vanilla extract. Others add cola flavoring and many others add “Angostura bitters,” which helps to balance out the bitter aftertaste.

For more information, read A Study on Coconut Water and Mauby: two tropical food drinks–-ABSTRACT: In this study, the authors investigated the effect of regular consumption of two tropical food drinks, coconut (Cocos nucifera) water and mauby (Colubrina arborescens), on the control of hypertension.
Mauby Tea
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